Iberia Business Class Madrid to Costa Rica

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Enter yourNot all of us can afford to fly first or business class, especially as frequent fliers, however there are some times when an opportunity presents itself and the financial aspect is not that drastic. So when we were presented with an option to upgrade our ticket to business class Madrid to Costa Rica with Iberia, we grabbed it. text here...

In case you’re curious to see what Iberia’s business class is like and if it’s worth it, read on below for our experience.

Our Original Iberia Ticket: SJO – Madrid Roundtrip

We visited Spain at the beginning of June (Malaga and Granada) and purchased tickets end of April/beginning of May. Since we were going for summer travel, booked flights late and right when fuel was super expensive, our flight tickets were incredibly expensive.

We booked with Iberia, roundtrip, non stop from SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) – Malaga, Spain for $1138 USD per person for economy optimal. This was a painful purchase but it was a last minute decision to go for a work conference so it was what it was.

Since were spending a lot of money anyways, we tried to upgrade to business class for the legs SJO – Madrid but it was not available. We flew economy for both legs, SJO – Madrid – Malaga.

Upgrading to Business Class Madrid – SJO

As I had downloaded the Iberia app and was checking it often for seats on our return flight, I saw a message asking if I wanted to upgrade to business class for $544.07 USD per person for the Madrid – SJO leg 2 days before our flight. I purchased the tickets as soon as I saw it. Heck why not? We hadn’t traveled internationally for 2 years thanks to COVID, we were already spending a lot of money on this trip, we’d never flown business class before and it was going to be a long haul (10+ hour) flight. Might as well spoil ourselves!

In total, with the upgrade and original tickets, we spent $1682.07 USD per person for our flights to Spain. I did a big of digging around and it seems an average roundtrip Iberia business class ticket for our same itinerary is around $5000 USD.

So if you want to upgrade like us, download the app and constantly check it! We met someone on the plane whose wife also tried to upgrade on the app but the seats were already sold out the day before the flight, so we felt very happy to be able to upgrade our seats. 

Our Experience Flying Iberia Business Class Madrid to Costa Rica…

…was absolutely worth it. Not just because it was our first experience in business class but for what it offered and what we paid, it was worth it!

One of the perks of business class was having an exclusive line to check in. We had arrived a bit late to the Malaga Airport and the normal line was insanely long but we got to check in in the business class line and skip the entire line.

We boarded first as business class passengers and the attendants showed us to our seats. All the seats were very clean and spacious and I settled in right away.

My seat 4A

My seat 4A

We were given a blanket, pillow, menu and they offered us a drink and hot towel after we boarded. I was definitely already feeling very pampered!

I also looked through the amenities as they gave all of us a small flight kit with things like eye mask, face spray, lotion, etc.

Iberia business class Madrid to Costa Rica

Iberia business class Madrid to Costa Rica

The Flight

I never had such a pleasant 11 hours travel day before (granted I’ve always flown economy, but still). I watched two movies, napped for a few hours and enjoyed all the food and snacks they offered us.

We had a three course dinner with an appetizer, main entrée and dessert. The dessert was a fantastic cheesecake and was the highlight of the food for me.

Dinner Iberia

I don’t drink alcohol but they had a decent selection of alcohol, beer and wine. Yeison enjoyed a couple of whiskeys and a glass of wine during the flight.

Overall Thoughts

At the end, paying for the upgrade to Iberia business class was 100% worth it. I slept incredibly well, ate well and had a wonderful time in my little nook. I was very comfortable and felt well taken care of by the flight attendants. I’d never had such a pleasant long haul flight before!

Another huge plus was that business class has their own bathroom. I pee a lot so being able to go whenever I wanted, without having to climb over people or wait in line was amazing.

We definitely got spoiled by this experience and hopefully we will be able to upgrade to business class for as many long haul flights as possible. If you’re flying with Iberia, download the app and keep checking it to see if they offer you a reasonable rate to upgrade to business class.