Things to Do in Loutraki, Greece for 3 Days

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If you're looking for a idyllic seaside town that isn't too far from Athens, then look no further than Loutraki in the Peloponnese Region of Greece. Just 88 km away (55 miles) from Greece's capital city lays this seaside town known for its therapeutic hot springs, vibrant nightlife and crystal clear waters. If you have a few days to spend in Loutraki, you'll experience a wonderful blend of culture, history, wellness and natural beauty.

In this blog post, we'll help you figure out the best things to do in Loutraki, how to get around, where to stay and much more.

Greece Quick Facts

  • Capital city is Athens.
  • International Airport is ATH (Athens International Airport)
  • Currency is Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted, but its always good to carry some cash
  • High season is June, July and August.
  • Greece is part of the Shengen area. 
  • Official language is Greek. English is commonly spoken in touristic areas.
  • Greece population around 10 million
  • Drives on right hand side of road
  • Uses 230 V

How to Get to Loutraki

The best way to see Loutraki is to rent a car and drive. You can rent a car from the Athens International Airport and it's approximately an hour drive to Loutraki. There is also a train from Athens and a public bus. Many tourists rent a car and drive as to be able to see more of the sights and attractions in Greece.

Where to Stay in Loutraki

If you aren't renting a car, there are many hotels in Loutraki town for a comfortable and convenient stay. Some of them have beautiful views of the water and are just steps away from the main seaside pedestrian walking path. Recommended options are Dave by the Beach Loutraki, Agora Luxury Boutique Hotel and Hotel Plaza. Another option is the Club Hour Casino Loutraki if you like casinos. 

If you have a car and don't want to stay right in the bustling town, a great option just 10 minutes away is Hotel Pappas Loutraki with its beautiful views, rooms and gardens. For something a little further, we highly recommend Isla Brown Corinthian Resort and Spa. It's 20 minutes outside town, located in a quiet neighborhood with beautiful sea views and luxury suites. They have an on-site restaurant, spa, pool, gym, free private parking, 24 hour front desk, free Wifi, water sports club and rooftop. We stayed here for 2 nights and absolutely loved it. Their breakfast buffet is hands down, one of the best we've ever had with a ton of choices and their rooms are extremely comfortable and spacious. But the best part was the staff. All of them, the front desk, waiters, bartenders and receptionists were very friendly and welcoming. 

what to do in loutraki greece - isla brown corinthian resort

Our suite at Isla Brown Corinthian

Rates start at $160 USD a night.

Best Things to Do in Loutraki

Here are some of the best things to do in Loutraki, Greece for a 3 day trip.

Loutraki Thermal Spa

Loutraki is the birthplace of thermal hot springs, dating back to ancient times as their water is believed to have immense health benefits due to the minerals, salts and trace elements in it. Therefore, you cannot miss a day at the spa, it is one of the absolute best things to do in Loutraki! You can enjoy a day at one of the premiere thermal spa resorts in Europe, the Loutraki Thermal Spa to soak in this special water and have a full day of water therapy. They offer 2 indoor heated pools with various jets, 1 cold pool, 1 outdoor cold pool, sauna and two steam rooms. This spa also has a gym and massage rooms. 

You can enhance your experience by visiting the Healing Spring (Loutraki Medicinal Thermal Springs) just down the street and learning about why the water is so special. It was fascinating to see they built a little monument right around the part of the mountain where the water runs down. They even let you taste it!

what to do in loutraki greece thermal springs

Spring where the water comes from

We highly recommend to spend the day at the spa. Spend a couple hours at the pools and then another hour or so getting a massage. 

Olive Oil Tour at Loutraki Perachora Kalieleon

A visit to Greece isn't complete without an olive oil tour and this olive oil tour is one of the best things to do in Loutraki. The Georgiou family's enthusiasm for creating the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. You'll tour his family owned factory to see how they pick, process and create olive oil and other products made from olive oil. My favorite part was tasting the extra virgin olive oils and also the olives. We bought a couple of olive oils and soaps to take home. 

This tour was fantastic, educational and entertaining. You can see his passion and love for olive oil shine through as he speaks. 

things to do in loutraki greece olive oil tour

olive oil tour

The tour takes approximately 1 hour.

Archeological Site of Heraion at Perachora

You cannot miss this archaeological site when visiting Loutraki. Situated in a small cover at the tip of the Perachora peninsula, you can swim in a beautiful sea surrounded by ancient ruins dedicated to the goddess Hera. It's an experience you will never forget! Just walking down the trail to the beach, you feel surrounded by an unexplained electrifying energy. 

The views are unbeatable and you can continue to walk 10 minutes to the Maják Melagavi lighthouse. This is an excellent photo spot, especially during sunset. There is a small Greek Orthodox church on the hill too. A visit to this site is one of the best things to do in Loutraki for sure!

things to do in loutraki Archeological Site of Heraion at Perachora

No entrance fee to the site. I would set aside a few hours here if you want to swim and walk the entire point.

See the Corinth Canal and Bungee Jump If You Dare!

A visit to the Corinth Canal is one of the must sees in Loutraki! The Corinth Canal connects the Gulf of Corinth to the Ionian Sea and although it was constructed back in 1893, it has hardly been in operation as a proper canal since its too narrow and complicated for modern cargo boats to navigate through. Nowadays, it's more of a tourist attraction than anything, with only around 10,000 tourist ships a year passing through. So much now that they offer bungee jumping off the canal!

Zulu Bungy offers bungee jumps off the canal Tuesdays through Sundays. One jump with a GoPro recording is 80 euros, you can also get a drone video, back to back jumps or a 10 jump package. 

things to do in loutraki greece bungee jump corinth canal

Corinth Canal

If bungee jumping isn't your thing, you can stop here to get pictures and stretch your legs. The color of the water is striking and you can check out the visitor center to learn more about the Peloponnese. 

Set aside a couple hours for the bungee jumping. If you're not bungee jumping, you can park and stay here about 20 minutes to take photos and walk around. After you recover from your adrenaline rush, have a delicious meal at Sea and Sand, just 10 minutes away. 

Visit Limni Vouliagmeni

This natural beauty is just 20 minutes from Loutraki, perfect for a dip in the warm and calm turquoise waters. There are bars and taverns around the large picturesque lake so you can re-energize after a fun swim (recommend Βαρκαλάς λιμνοθάλασσα). You can pay to use the sunchairs, umbrellas, showers and lockers or bring your own supplies. If you don't stay, definitely get out to take photos and get your toes wet.

things to do in loutraki Limni Vouliagmeni

The crystal clear waters of the lake with a mountain backdrop

This lake is a great place to spend a half day to swim, bathe and have a meal.

Visit Acrocorinth

One of the most ancient castles in Greece is just a 25 minute drive from Loutraki and it is one of the must things to do in Loutraki! Overlooking the entire ancient city of Corinth, this castle offers spectacular views of the coast. Take a walk through the ancient castle that boasts architectural elements and touches from different eras like the Byzantine, Classical and Medieval. Open 830 AM - 33PM.

Things to do in Loutraki Acrocorinth

Acrocorinth castle

I would set aside an hour to walk through the castle.

Walk Along the Boulevard

One of the must do things in Loutraki is to spend an afternoon strolling along the seaside boulevard to soak in all the lovely sights. Stop the Beach Park if you have kids or stop by any of the many cafes and restaurants for a drink or meal with a sea view. You can also rent a chair to bask in all of that Greece sun.



For bites, Piperi, Fnk Mnk Bar and Pepe Rosso are highly rated.

Sample Itinerary Ideas of Things to Do in Loutraki, Greece

If you have 1 full day in Loutraki, we recommend to spend it at the thermal spa in the morning and then in town for the rest of the day. It's best to stay at a hotel close to the town center. Like gambling? Head to the casino that night for some fun games.

If you have 2 full days in Loutraki, we recommend to take the olive oil tour and visit the Archeological Site of Heraion at Perachora on day two. 

For those who will continue on their drive down to another area in the Peloponesse, we recommend to stop by the Semeli Wine Estate and the Archaelogical Museum of Nemea on the way.

Greece Checklist

  • Don't forget your universal power adapter as Greece uses 230 Volts.
  • Bring a anti-theft bag/purse. Athens is known for pickpocketing.
  • Purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from trip delays and other travel mishaps